Private Lessons vs Golf Schools

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As most of you reading this have taken a lesson from me being private, semi-private, playing lesson, group or golf school, do you have a friend, family member or playing partner hesitant to take golf lessons with a teaching professional? Well, you might not be alone. According to NGF’s (National Golf Foundation) 2008 golf participation study, there were 29.5 million golfers in the U.S. ages 6 and above in 2007. Most who describe themselves as golfers have never tried lessons. There are several factors for the lack of enthusiasm regarding golf instruction.

For the athletically inclined, some think that they can fix their swings themselves. It looks so easy, “I can swing like that Tiger, guy”, one might surmise. Or “I was the high school quarterback” or “I made the tennis team” and “excelled in every other sport I’ve tried”. Then after playing a couple rounds or practicing on the range a few times they come to appreciate the talent of a guy like Tiger Woods, but still think they can achieve a game they’d be happy with on their own.

Some just get ready for their company event or that corporate outing by cramming for a test like a college student who hasn’t studied during the semester. They hit the driving range two or three times a couple days before the tournament trying to get ready and only end up with blisters and sore muscles when the tournament arrives. That’s a hard way to prepare. Now I’m not saying that you might not have some sore muscles after some professional help, but more than likely, they’d be the correct sore muscles.

Some might have tried one lesson years ago and didn’t see any immediate results so they cut short their enthusiasm for taking lessons. To others it might be intimidating to take “Instruction”. Yes lessons can be expensive but some might not know the value of how much a lesson, lesson series or golf school has to offer.

A lot of golfers are perfectly happy with their game and just don’t have the time to improve. But if you or someone you know, gets embarrassed, upset, are confused or frustrated you are ready for instruction. There’s a couple of ways to go if you’re looking to improve your golf swing and your golf game.  If you have the time and would like to broaden the learning process, take private lessons.

Private Lessons

A typical series of private lessons works like this: You take a private lesson every one or two weeks depending on how much you can practice. By the end of a series, you should able to try it on the course. This could be one or two months later, or a shorter or longer period of time depending on your schedule and your commitment to the development of your swing. I teach thousands of private lessons a year. I can’t tell you the amount of times after a lesson or two a student has told me they wished they started lessons a long time ago. Private lessons are not the fastest way to learn the game, it’s the fastest way to learn a swing.

Golf Schools

For the student that doesn’t have a lot of time and would like a game evaluation, a golf school is encouraged. Golf schools can be a half to three and even four days of learning. In a golf school we can evaluate your swing along with your game. In golf schools you learn to evaluate the course, selecting the correct club, etiquette, pace of play, order of play, course management, rules. These are all components of the game and are not usually taught in a private golf lesson.

Most golfers are recreational players and are not competing in tournaments. No golfer, whether they’re a beginner, low handicapper, top ranked amateur, or even a professional  want to go out and get embarrassed, remain frustrated, confused or upset. The #1 player in the world, Tiger Woods, can still get upset or frustrated with his swing or game. When that happens he takes a lesson from his golf professional. So it goes with out saying, if Tiger takes lessons to learn why he’s upset at something, so should other golfers.

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