Did you know…

  1. …it’s not proper etiquette to stand on the intended line of putt, extending beyond the hole or behind the ball to see how the putt will break. Most golfers that do this have their own ball mark relatively close to this same intended line of putt. There would be a penalty involved if it was the putters caddy or playing partner.
  2. …once a player starts putting, it’s their option to finish, regardless of where their ball lies. They don’t ask. They tell their playing partners “I’ll finish” or they mark their ball.
  3. …a player should always mark their ball once on the putting green. It can be cleaned and look at for roundness. There should only be one ball on the putting green while a player is putting. All other players watching should have their ball marked on the green.
  4. …that if a player hits a fellow competitors ball while putting on the green, that it’s a penalty for the player that putted and not the player that forgot to mark.

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