Hi-Ball, Lo-Ball…The Two Lies

Published on 06 May 2013 by in Uncategorized


The hi-ball lie and the lo-ball lie. We’re talking about the lie that’s just off the green either sitting up on spongy Kikuyu or  buried underneath thick Bermuda rough. You’ll have to determine which chip shot your going to use.

For the buried lie, take a marginally wider stance, and play the ball in the center. Hinge your wrists sharply on the backswing to create the steep angle you’ll need coming into impact. You’ll need some leg action to get the club under the ball. Drive your knees toward the target on the downswing as you extend your arms down and through. Imagine the letter V with your arms as you you swing into the ball. The thick grass will cut off your swing so don’t worry about the follow through. Focus on shifting into the shot and swinging down steeply.

I think the lie sitting up can also be tricky because you can slide the club right under it and whiff it or hit it fat, so it feels as though you made ball contact with a head cover on your club. To hit this shot, you want play the ball off your back foot and take a narrow stance with your knees marginally straighter. From there, generate a simple sweeping motion as if you were trying to make a long putt. Rotate your body back and through, keeping your wrists firm and your legs quiet. Don’t shift your knees forward on the downswing, that tendency will drive the club down and you’ll risk swinging under the ball. You don’t want to dig it, you want to clip it.

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