Making Practice Fun

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Two different types of practice on the driving range are crucial to getting better on the golf course. Technique and competitive. Let me explain… Practicing your technique involves the typical skill-building practice through repetitive motion. Competitive practice involves using your imagination to essentially play a round of golf on the range. For competitive practice, step up to “hole one,” and imagine what the shot will look like. For example, if you play a particular course your familiar with, take the yardage from the tee to the hole; imagine the fairway bunker on the left or the canyon on the right. After you make that shot, change clubs, set up the next ball so that you aren’t playing from a perfect lie and visualize the next shot, whether it’s a out of bounds left or a pond in front of the green. This creates accountability for your shots in practice. If your next shot would be from tall grass or an uneven lie tee it up like a shot that is going to give you a challenge that you’d expect from the course so you can work on uphill, downhill, side hill or a tight lie. You can even play from a practice bunker if available. By the time you are about a 15 handicap, that’s when you should make 80 percent of practices about technique and 20 percent competitive. If you don’t transition to competitive practice, you’ll wonder why you are a good range player but can’t transition to the course.

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